225 People Dead After 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Central Mexico

Posted September 20, 2017, under Blog

Just outside of Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, a devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the area on Tuesday. The massive temblor collapsed 27 buildings throughout the capital, which took the brunt of the damage. So far, 225 people have died due to the destruction …

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3.6 Earthquake Rattles Los Angeles, Felt from Westwood to San Fernando Valley

Posted September 19, 2017, under Blog

Sleepy Angelinos were awakened by a 3.6 earthquake Monday night. The tremor struck the Westwood area around 11:20 pm, with the epicenter located just west of the Sepulveda Pass of the 405 freeway. The U.S. Geological Survey categorized the quake as a 4 and 5 …

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Seismologists Hoping to Give Public Earthquake Forecasts

Posted September 11, 2017, under Blog

While seismologists cannot predict exactly when and where the next major earthquake will occur, many are hoping to provide the public with an earthquake forecast service that would inform California’s various communities of when and where the chances for a major earthquake are more likely …

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Strongest Earthquake in 100 Years Strikes Mexico, 32 People Dead

Posted September 8, 2017, under Blog

An 8.1 earthquake shook Mexico’s southern coast just before midnight on Thursday. The massive quake is the largest earthquake Mexico’s encountered in nearly 100 years. The seismic activity was felt from Mexico City all the way to Guatemala, leaving 32 people dead. The United States …

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Here’s Why Your Brick Foundation Needs Replacement

Posted August 22, 2017, under Blog

Brick foundations are very common in Los Angeles. However, properties that were built before 1910 with a brick foundation, might not have the necessary structural reinforcement needed to survive an earthquake. Brick foundations that have been constructed without reinforced steel are identified as “unreinforced masonry,” …

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Buying a Home? Here’s How to Tell If the Foundation Is Structurally Sound

Posted August 8, 2017, under Blog

Purchasing a home is a major investment. If you’ve been looking at properties that were built before 1930, there’s a chance these buildings may have some foundation issues. Here are 4 things to be on the look for when shopping for older real estate: Doors …

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New Maps Show Major Fault Lines Run Under L.A.’s Most Expensive Real Estate

Posted July 17, 2017, under Blog

New fault boundaries have raised concerns for some of the priciest parts of Los Angeles. According to the latest fault maps – which were released on Thursday – Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Westwood and Century City have been included in the Newport-Inglewood …

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Everything You Need to Know About Earthquake Retrofitting

Posted July 13, 2017, under Blog

As a California resident, you know that earthquakes pose a real threat. As we saw with the devastating Northridge earthquake of 1994, large seismic quakes can cause serious damage to buildings and homes. Thanks to advances in structural engineering, earthquake retrofitting is one of the …

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Budget Cuts May Kill California’s Earthquake Warning System

Posted July 12, 2017, under Blog

The early earthquake warning system, which has received approval from elected officials in both parties, may be facing another bump in the road. The system, which was set for limited release early next year, is on President Trump’s chopping block, thanks to newly proposed budget cuts. …

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